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 Toronto Life - May 18, 2016
"We love the Mingle design. It’s the perfect springtime accessory—and the rare investment piece that doesn’t cost a month’s rent"
How Uppdoo makes luxury leather bags (that won't break the bank) - March 25, 2015
"The One of a Kind Show is the perfect place to buy things that will make your friends ask, “Where did you get that?!” Here’s a sneak peek at 12 items that caught our eye."
12 FLARE Picks from the One of a Kind Show
Novella Magazine - May 16, 2016
"I personally fell in love with these mini modern bags, which are inspired by classic doctor satchel style and the mix match concepts, making every bag one of a kind."
Now Magazine - March 25, 2015
"Haven't you heard? Hand-crafted goods are hotter than ever"
Take 5: Maker's Mark 
Bauble Stories - September 12, 2017
"In terms of handbags, Ricky Shi’s brand screams quality and classic styles as he aims to combine the structural influence of industrial design with his love for fashion."
Shopping Inland Connect People with Purposeful Brands

The Booklet - May 23, 2015
"This is the perfect bag for the summer as it is small light and festive and no one else will have it.  It is perfect for travelling as well, you can just take your pouch and pop it into your work bag, carry on for the plane and you will have everything you need."
Inland: Our Picks For Spring 2015