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Our Team

 The Uppdoo Team

Ricky Shi - Founder / Head Designer

“I am a very hands-on person who likes to be involved in the design process from beginning to completion. I believe there is nothing better than to create a product with the human touch. People will be able to tell that the quality, care and attention that is put into the product is produced by proficient, meticulous and humble hands. To create a truly Canadian made handcrafted brand that produces original designs with excellent quality and exceptional materials has always been my dream.

I graduated from OCAD in 2006 with a Bachelor’s Degree, majoring in Industrial Design, and have been working in the design field for over 10 years since. My creative mind is never at rest; I am constantly creating, looking for inspiration, and always up for new challenges and adventures. Uppdoo design combines my structural influence of industrial design with my appreciation for fashion. And to share what I create with people around me makes me happy.”


Joey Cheng – Style specialist / Design assistant

I seek beauty in everything. Being a worldly traveller, I am naturally drawn and inspired by diverse culture and international fashion. My sense of style is eclectic, progressive, and imaginative, primarily giving a modern twist to Uppdoo’s style direction. Also, being a graduate of OCAD with a degree in Industrial Design in 2005, I use my design discipline to work collaboratively with other designers.

I am proud to be part of a Canadian brand that is fashion-forward and of the highest quality.