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Uppdoo goes to Hollywood

Uppdoo goes to Hollywood

Uppdoo ‘JOY’ Tote goes to Hollywood! We are over the moon!

Our ‘Joy’ Tote in hunter green was picked for an Oscar nominated film called ‘Pieces of a Woman’. The film received great reviews, with praise for the actors, particularly @vanessa__kirby was nominated for the Academy Award, BAFTA Award, Golden Globe, Critics’ Award, and SAG Award for Best Actress in leading role in 2021.
It was such a honour to have our ‘Joy’ Tote showcased in the film at many great scenes worn by Vanessa Kirby. It is still very surreal (almost unbelievable) to see something made by our hands was used by a great actress in a heartfelt film! 
We have no idea how did the film costume crew found out about us and picked out the 'Joy' tote. Hopefully they can see this post and contact us, we would love to know the story behind the process!
We believe this also shows the recognition of Canadian designs and human made products! Let this only be the beginning of this great moment for love of handmade and made in Canada designs!

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