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Travels With The 'Voyage' Backpack

Travels With The 'Voyage' Backpack

Lately we’ve been feeling some extra love for our ‘Voyage’ Classic Backpack. As our first backpack design, it will always have a special place in our hearts! With its posh style, sleek shape yet rugged Brazilian leather, the ‘Voyage’ Classic Backpack gives us serious Canadian vibes. As the design turns 4 years old though, we are discovering how worldly this backpack has become!

From the French Alps to the mountains of Kauai in Hawaii, Portugal’s Douro Valley to Taiwan, the ‘Voyage’ Classic Backpack has become a world traveler! We couldn’t be more impressed at the journey this bag has been on and we can’t wait to see where it adventures next!

Have you taken a trip with your Uppdoo Bag? Tag us in your travel photos on Instagram or share your photos with us via email at ; we would love to see!


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